Since our establishment in 1968, we at Kakamigahara Aero Equipment (KAE) have been providing wire harnesses in various fields, with a focus on the manufacturing of wire harnesses for aircraft.
    Accompanying the development of the aircraft industry, we have entered a wide variety of product fields in addition to the field of wire harnesses, and these include test equipment for airborne devices, and experimental equipment for research & development regarding space-related technologies.
    Based on utilizing our technologies in the abovementioned fields, we at KAE provide products to our customers with “high quality” as our motto.
    If you have any needs related to complex wiring, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Manufacture of wire harnesses

    The interiors of aircraft have large numbers of electrical wires (which carry information and energy) running throughout them, and these are similar to the nerves of the human body.
    We at KAE assemble such wiring as individual products

    Highly-reliable special harnesses

    In recent years, wire harnesses have been increasing in complexity and density, and thus they require high levels of performance and reliability.
    The technologies regarding harness assembly that we have accumulated to date make it possible for us to provide wire harnesses that are compact and lightweight, and feature excellent waterproof performance, EMI-shielding performance, and data-transfer performance.

    Large wire harnesses

    General wire harnesses are comprised of several dozen electrical wires that are several meters in length, and in addition to these, we have experience with harnesses that we have customized for customers. Our track record in this regard includes the assembly of complex wiring consisting of several thousand wires, and the manufacture of wire harnesses for data transfer with a total length of 100 meters.

    Various types of simulation equipment and ground test equipment

    When testing complex systems and equipment and so on, we check the operability, functionality, and serviceability of items by using equipment that simulates the shape and functions of the actual item. This makes it possible to perform testing easily and at low prices.

    Various types of simulation equipment and ground test equipment

    In the case of airborne-device simulation equipment and functional-test ground equipment, we utilize the technologies, track record, and experience that we have accumulated regarding aircraft wire harnesses. Based on this, we only manufacture items after they have passed our tests regarding environmental conditions and electromagnetic interference conditions, and these include extremely harsh temperature & humidity and impact tests.

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